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Automatic barriers are almost synonymous with security systems worldwide, due to their tried and tested effectiveness.

These systems can serve a variety of purposes. The main and most common one is restricting access to specific locations for safety reasons. Automatic barriers force vehicles to stop before entering or exiting an area so that security checks can be carried out, either in person, or remotely via CCTV. Some of the barriers that serve this purpose are also fitted with equipment which only allows people with valid codes or pass cards to enter.

Automatic barrier systems are superb at allowing remote control of traffic. They can be used in this sense to restrict the numbers of slow-moving cars and goods vehicles passing through an access point to a major road where traffic is flowing fast, by only allowing a few to proceed at a time can be invaluable. Equally, if multiple lanes of traffic need to zip down into one, automatic barriers provide can be programmed to work in unison so that only one vehicle is able to pass through at a time, thereby helping to prevent collisions.

AGESPRO provides a variety automatic barrier systems tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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